St. Mark’s Conference Video Archive

2021 St. Mark’s Conference: The Life and Works of Hermann Sasse

2019 St. Mark’s Conference: “Fathers of the Church”

2018 St. Mark’s Conference: “Eucharist and Church Fellowship”

2017 St. Mark’s Conference: “The Office of the Holy Ministry”

2016 St. Mark’s Conference: “Preaching and the Liturgy”

Our most hearty and sincere thanks to Mr. Gene Wilken, who journeyed from Nashville to Baltimore and offered his professional recording services to Our Saviour Church and guests at no cost. Gene has recorded Lutheran conferences in Detroit, MI; Ft. Wayne, IN; Kewanee, IL; Hamel, IL; and now Baltimore. He also records the Bible classes and sermons at his home church, Concordia Lutheran in Nashville, on a weekly basis. Gene’s pro bono recording work over the last several years has multiplied the reach and good effect of many wonderful presentations, panel discussions, sermons, and services and has garnered him a well-earned reputation as a premier producer of confessional Lutheran digital media. You can visit his company website, Flaneur Record, here. Thank you, Gene!