OSLC on the Web

In addition to all the information about Our Saviour you can find under the “About OSLC” menu at the top of this web page, there are a number of other places  on the web with additional information about Our Saviour.

We now have a Wikipedia page with extensive information about our church. It includes details about our building’s history, the property and its architectural features. The article also has sections about our stained glass, the chancel, the bells, the tower and our pipe organ.

Our Saviour has a Youtube channel that features videos with some great hymns of the church as prayed at special occasions at Our Saviour as well as a video tour of the OSLC bell tower.

We have a YouTube video that presents a history and description of each of our 32 stained glass windows.   You can use your cell phone to view this video as a guided tour.
View it at: https://youtu.be/f-JXGP-Ctgc

We also have a Facebook page which has lots of useful information about our church, its history and upcoming events. You can also view the livestream videos of the Divine Service that we create each week.