Möller/Viscount Unico CL-6 Hybrid Organ

When Our Saviour’s building was built in 1930, a Möller pipe organ was installed. It was rebuilt and expanded slightly in 1988 and has continued to serve Our Saviour. More recently, the primaries and shifters were rebuilt in March of 2023 year by Meyers Pipe Organ Service.

Over the last few years, the console had begun to show its age as its pneumatics and electrical contacts were not as reliable as they once were and a number of the keyboard ivories had come loose. After considering several options, the best course was determined to replace the console with a Viscount digital organ that plays the 1142 pipes in the organ chamber. In addition, the existing pipework has been supplemented with digital stops (including an amplifier, speakers in the organ chamber, and the subwoofer behind the organ console) in a ‘hybrid’ installation that again expands the sounds that the organ can produce.

This console was dedicated October 22, 2023, to the Glory of God and in memory of Joseph Silver, who passed away January 5, 2022. He served this congregation faithfully for many years and in many ways, including many years as our sexton. We thank God for his service to us and Him.

Above pictures show the the existing pipe organ with the previous Moller console and the new Viscount Console.

Viscount Unico CL-6 / Möller Opus 5779 Hybrid
Our Saviour Lutheran Church, Baltimore, Maryland

Installation and digital/hybrid tonal specification: Sound/Organ Design, Virginia Beach, VA (Ralph Spoettle and Otto Pebworth)

Möller Pipe Organ Maintenance: Myers Pipe Organ Service, Baltimore, MD (Kevin Callahan)